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Predicted more than seventeen thousand verified horoscopes. A vision to ancient Vedic Astrology – made easy using Krushna’s Ashtakavarga System. Offering free online astrology courses. 

Vedic Astrology | Krushna Ashtakavarga System
Vedic Astrology | Krushna Ashtakavarga System
Vedic Astrology | Krushna Ashtakavarga System
Vedic Astrology | Krushna Ashtakavarga System

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Helped thousand of families to make them happy and they have unbounded faith, hope and confidence on my predictions.


Vedic Astrology | Krushna Ashtakavarga System

Option for those who really need guidance for a single query

Vedic Astrology | Krushna Ashtakavarga System

Basic career consultation, insight into areas of your career or job.

Vedic Astrology | Krushna Ashtakavarga System

Delayed marriage, stressed relationship, married life quality

Krushna’s Ashtakavarga System


Krushana’s Ashtakvarg System (KAS) is based on Ashtakvarga and Upachay Houses. This system is very precise and employs a scientific way of “timing of events” in any chart. Vedic Astrology – made easy using this system. I am lucky to have met Krushna ji, who so generously taught me personally his immeasurable knowledge. The whole purpose of  this system is to keep this system alive and help those who really need guidance.

Vedic Astrology | Krushna Ashtakavarga System
Vedic Astrology | Krushna Ashtakavarga System
Vedic Astrology | Krushna Ashtakavarga System

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The application of relevant text portions, as provided by our seers, is currently missing. Our unique system utilizes pinpoint accuracy through the application of the scientific method. This involves studying charts to predict future events based on past occurrences. Our system is designed to be simple and easy to underst


Astrology Predictions

Predictions are based on scientific calculations. Different aspects of planet’s placement in certain nakshtras at a particular moment of time. Helps you making correct decisions 


How It Works

Much more than pushing an astrological reading to you, the main purpose is to help and guide, preserve the traditions and knowledge like Jyotish. Free readings are not available.


You can learn, step by step, the basics of astrology. This will reveal the purpose for which our ancient sages gave this great science of krushna’s ashtakavarga system. The course is totally free of cost with yearly support.

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Vedic Astrology | Krushna Ashtakavarga System

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Contact via Skype, Zoom or Chat for your satisfaction. Final events are manually calculated in steps. Standard 15 minutes consultation is really worth for a single question. Schedule an appointment now. Living in india or abroad, click here to contact. Free readings are not available because paying always make a person serious about his concerns. When your work is appreciated, then only you get aspiration to develop your skills and contribute to it. Anything free, if you want out of this divine and scientific knowledge, the respect is lost. That is the human nature.

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Predictions are purely based on incredible power of this krushna’s ashtakavarga system. Here, i can guide whether you may find your choices in life,  determine how you experience lives, in the actions you take toward goals or the steps you take into the recesses of life. Most people keep putting along in life largely the way they’ve always been until something wakes them up. 

What Our Customers are Saying

“Wow..!! i won election of Nevada State Assembly, USA in june 2020. You told me in the year 2019 that something big going to happen in my life this year. You were so right” !!

Radhika K, Phd, A Scientist, New Orleans, USA

“As predicted,after July 2018,its getting smoother,clear off my loans and now this looks easier for me to settle for my established business.”

Nofa Obedi, Lebanon

“It’s been great experience when you predicted my events rightly and explained me how this system works so amazingly..!!

Eline, Personal Company, Greece

“Your prediction is perfect. My financial problems are over now. It’s really great. Better to contact Anup ji for any astrology reading.”

Reva, An entrepreneur

Vedic Astrology | Krushna Ashtakavarga System

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Only platform of ancient astrology of KAS where you can read exclusive collection of all lessons, archive group files and various audios & videos section of Krushna ji.

Many enthusiasts who were interested in learning this astrology system has pioneered while using this divine knowledge to decode a person’s life events. 

Vedic Astrology | Krushna Ashtakavarga System