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ashtakavarga system









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ashtakavarga system










Predicted for more than seven thousand verified charts. Helped thousand of families to make them happy, having unbound faith, confidence and hope for my predictions.








ashtakavarga system






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 P R E D I C T I N G   L I F E   E V E N T S

Astrology is ancient, probably as old as when people first measured time. It is present in some form in all countries and cultures, and always has been. In fact, the majority of the world population uses astrology at the day-to-day level, not just for entertainment, as we do here. As of today, the science and knowledge of astrology still remains incomplete due to missing texts. This is largely due to a misinterpretation of the writings of our ancient sages because of language barriers and the inability to correctly translate the inner essence of their teachings. Most of such precious ancient wisdom and invaluable works have been lost over a period of time. The later translations of the verses, interpreted by individuals, may not be correct or may be colored by personal opinions. Not a single planet is responsible for negative or positive result.

VEDIC ASTROLOGY Krushna Ashtakavarga System (KAS) KAS Program

I am lucky to have met Krushna ji, who so generously taught me his immeasurable knowledge. The whole purpose of Krushna Ashtakavarga System of prediction (KAS) to keep this system alive and teach to others. I still remember guru ji words that if some one is not sincere for guru or teacher, one can learn this system but will not be able to use it. I was fortunate to record Guru Krushna ji’s video lectures on Skype which i uploaded later in the year 2012. This is invaluable treasure for world of astrology. Beginners can learn basics while watching these videos. In the use of ashtakavarga, a good ashtakavrga score is not a single creteria.

You can also find exclusive section of guruji audio library which can be accessed by clicking here. This section is password protected.



Much more than pushing an astrological reading to you, the main purpose of this site is helping to preserve the good traditions and knowledge like Jyotish. Free readings are not available because If one is passionate about astrology, this is a good hobby and a way of helping some one. But for honest astrologer who spend 2-3 nights analyzing horoscope, it is totally an economic loss than a gain. When you do it for free, people do not take it seriously. When your work is appreciated, then only you get aspiration to develop your skills, contribute to it. So the respect for this great science is lost. That is the human nature.

For beginners, free online astrology course is introduced on this website.




The  mentioned details comes to you in the reading roughly as required.



You may not think of yourself as being a statistician



How far that is true? You may have a lot of money but if you are not happy



While analyzing a happy married life, we time the marriage period for you

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Helped thousand of families to make them happy and they have unbounded faith, hope and confidence on my predictions.


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What Our Customers are Saying

“Wow..!! i won election of Nevada State Assembly, USA in june 2020. You told me in the year 2019 that something big going to happen in my life this year. You were so right” !!

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“As predicted,after July 2018,its getting smoother,clear off my loans and now this looks easier for me to settle for my established business.”

Nofa Obedi, Lebanon

“It’s been great experience when you predicted my events rightly and explained me how this system works so amazingly..!!

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“Your prediction is perfect. My financial problems are over now. It’s really great. Better to contact Anup ji for any astrology reading.”

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In this section you can learn, step by step, the basics of astrology. Once you go through these sessions you will know the purpose for which our ancient sages gave us this great science of prediction, how accurate their knowledge was and how the system effectively operates. Join ONLINE FREE COURSE to learn ancient astrology. This course is totally free of cost. You get everything on the page to start astrology course which a beginner needs. Assistance is also provided on every step to simplify it, ease your understanding. After completion of this course, you can start predicting on general basis. Join and try once. Simply, register for the course for timely support of six months and to install KAS program.


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