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An overview

Why you are failure in acquisition of hereditary property,wealth.

Sometimes you might be feeling low, run out of your confidence and mental strength, assistance from others, non coopration from your subordinates, friends.

Tense relations with brothers and sisters, bad thoughts always on your mind. Not able to get new contracts, agreements or selection in interviews or be it change of residence.


There is an old proverb,health is wealth. How far that is true? You may have a lot of money but if you are not feeling strong and physically healthy, you might be deprived of enjoyment of life. So it is the right time to consult us. Also, sometimes the planetary allignment in a chart of a person are so strong that the person, reluctantly or not, have to face the probelms from subordinates, legal problems or legal proceedings.

our life and longivity,defeat,insult, sorrows,theft or robbery.,

Your luck,blessings from elders, faith in religion,fortune, religious belief or long journey.

Your way of livelihood, honour,authority, work,trade, business success, status, children.

Your profit or gains, income, desires, wealth, profit and pleasure, wishes etc.

Loss, bed comforts, long jouneys, moksha, expenditure, divine worship, misery etc.


Problems aquiring your new dream house, land,vehicle etc.

Denial of childbirth, your level of intelect.

Sometimes you are worried about your debts, bank loans,disease, sickness or enemies. Your health, court matters, disputes,

problems from your subordinates, employees, tenants, servants.

Your unfulfilled desires, life partner, business partner, daily routine or release of increments.

I simply deal with your favourable time to come and not remedial measures. There is no remedy in this world than putting your best efforts in good time.