Ascendant Calculator

Insert birth hours, minutes & seconds - The difference between birth time and Sun rise time. This is important.

Example - If birth time is 13.17pm and Sun rise time on that day is 6am at place of birth, then birth hours will be 7 and minutes will be 17
Calculate l+r+0.02


Once Lagna is fixed, try to align birth Nakshatra if falling between two signs. Follow method on next page. Finally, match the past events.

*Birth Time - Difference between birth time and Sun rise time
*Sun Degree - Degree of Sun on date of birth
*Sun Sign - 1 for Aries sign, 2 for Taurus sign and so on..

Check the image at the bottom of page to fill values

EXAMPLE : Date of birth is 16th Feb 1976, Time 4.02am, Location 22N 55 77E 27 (IST). Sagittarius Lagna at 10deg. Sun is at 3deg in Aquarius sign (11). Sun rise time is 7.22am on 16th Feb 1976 on above location. Therefore, Birth Time will be difference between birth time 4.02am and Sun rise time i.e 7.22am = 20hr 40mn. After putting these values for calculation, we get result as 21.14. Ignoring fraction, you get value 21.

Hence Lagna will be 12+9 Sagitarius sign in this case.


Sometimes, calculation may display inaccurate information and Lagna can vary by one sign. This happens due to few reasons like Lagna is on borderline or you might be working on wrong birth time. Verify displayed Lagna at your end by matching past events first. This calculation can be useful for finding Lagna in case of C-Section birth.


**Tip of the Sun disk touches the Eastern horizon

*Center of the Sun disk touches the Eastern horizon