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It is a long established fact that astrology is a noble science. Some say that it is an art, others reject it as an illusion. Some people who have not had much disappointments or difficulties in their lives say that they do not believe in astrology. In Guruji’s words,  astrology is not only a science, but it can very accurately guide you in making correct decisions at every stage of your life. Facts revealed here in free astrology course.


Krushana’s Ashtakvarga System (KAS) is based on Upachay Houses. This system is very precise and employs a scientific way of “timing of events” in any horoscope.


Upachaya Houses

These houses increase the result of a house. The upachay houses from any house are having some special meaning which help in increasing the result.

Timing Of Event

KAS provides consistent and reliable techniques for timing events for all areas of life. Timing of all events will match only when birth details are accurate.

Natural Karaka Concept

The karakas in the Kalpurush chart are called as natural karakas. Natural karaka for all the events of life are fixed unlike functional karaka

Functional Karaka

With every Lagna sign, the functional karaka also changes. The quality and quantum of the any house depends upon natural and functional karak planets.

Transit Of Sun

The transit of Sun in the sign and nakshtras of powerful planets as per the power in worksheet can give the probable date when an event can take place.

Divisional Charts

The meaning or significance of the houses, changes according to the age of the native. Every house changes its meaning as per the age of the native.

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This website is entirely dedicated to those who want to learn this free Astrology course  through ancient Vedic system & KAS  perspective.

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Why so Accurate

Great introduction to ancient Vedic Astrology world is application of relevant text portions which are missing in manuscripts given by our seers. Main difference between General Ashtakvarga and Krushana’s Ashtakvarga System (KAS) is unique in pinpoint accuracy in timing of events.

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Uploaded personal audio discourses and videos, recorded while learning from Guruji. Few better served as lessons.

astrology course
free astrology course
astrology course
free astrology course

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After studying KAS, we usually find that other systems of astrology are far more imaginary and very much away from facts and accuracy.

As of today, the science and knowledge of astrology still remains incomplete. This is largely due to a misinterpretation of the writings of our ancient sages because of language barriers and the inability to correctly translate the inner essence of their teachings. Most of these ancient wisdom and invaluable works have been lost over a time period. Translations of the verses, interpreted by individuals, may not be correct or may be colored by personal opinions.

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As of today, the science and knowledge of astrology still remains incomplete largely due to a misinterpretation of the writings of our ancient sages.

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By employing the Vedic astrology system along with KAS principals, the following matters can be determined with a great accuracy. All the things in the life of an individual can be judged with precision and greater accuracy through this system as it is based on fixed laws and rules.


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