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Below are few of the important tips which can help you in day to day study of this system. You can notice these in every second chart and apply. These are quite useful handy tips to remember for indian astrology.

1  Venus, in Krittika nakshatra which is ruled by sun, loses it’s positive Karakatva and becomes negative for marriage.

2. Jupiter in libra  means Jupiter lord of Pisces situated in 8th house loses all of its benefic qualities for marriage.

3. If  Venus is less than 3 degrees from Sun, the native is less inclined towards sex.

4. If Venus is more than 43 degrees away from Sun is not good for marriage but can give better lift in career,

5. if a Karaka planet is placed in the Focus House B, the result of House B will be good and it will give better happiness.

6. Karaka of the karaka is the root karaka.

7. The Navamsha lord and Ansha lords of karaka planet are known as Karakansha.

8. Planets with 4 points will give a neutral effect for their sight.

9. No negative sight on ABC houses, of the lords of D and E houses

10. Malefic sight of lords of D and E is not considered on other planets. But benefic sight is taken in consideration.

11. Any planet which aspects a signifying houses ABC, does not show his willingness to come forward to give the result.

12. When two planets are situated in one sign and one constellation they become Samdharmi to each other.

13. The Divisional charts are used to check the status of the Root Karaka.

14. The Functional Karakas are more effective than Natural Karakas

15.  Samdharmi planets will never come forward in supporting malefic results.

16. To find out the probable event date, we look to the transit of Sun.

17.  The Probable event Date is related to the transit of Sun in powerful planets having good points for the event

18. Only Venus can give zero points in the 10th house, but in such cases, it is mostly spoiled.

19. Saturn can only give Zero for the place it is situated.

20. Moon In Scorpio, the person speaks rudely,



1. Venus can give zero for the house 6th, 7th, 10th and 12th houses.

2. Venus can never can give a zero for the place it is situated.

3. When Venus is lagging behind sun, it becomes strong, ahead of sun or with the sun, it loses it’s strength.

4, Any planet opposite to Venus reduces it’s strength.

5. Mercury, if ahead of Venus then only it gives power to Venus. If mercury is behind of with Venus, it reduces the power.

6. When the Venus is strong in Aries, The native have more interest in sexual activity.

7. Such Venus became more powerful if Saturn aspects Venus.

8. Saturn is also a planet which increases the negative qualities of Venus even in conjunction.

9. Sun Venus distance if more than 43 degree, leads to extra marital affairs or multiple marriages.

10. Being away from sun, changes mentality, this may have better effect on the working of the person.

11. Mars and Venus are in same nakshatra, sexuality certainly is a part of his moral problems.

12. Venus in Ardra nakshatra, which is a Kama (desire) nakshatra of Rahu, gives insatiable desires.



  1. Sun is a cruel planet. This will show cruelty during transit over the house where any planet gave Zero point. Effect will not be severe as Sun is not a natural malefic.

2. Favorable events mostly occur on the day having more points than the previous day’s points.

3. Unfavorable result can be expected when daily points show a decreasing trend.

4. if Saturn has 3 or more points in 12th house from Natal Moon sign, in the Moon sign and in the 2nd house from the Moon sign, then the person may not experience problems in this complete transit of Saturn (during Sade -sati)

5. Such effect could be mental and for the 5th house, 6th house and 7th house taking above houses as karaka’s.

6. When total points of Saturn and Jupiter points more than 8 during transit, native feels more energetic and proactive.

7. When the above total points are less than 8, person may be feeling low, gloomy or unhappy.

8. The effect of transit for Saturn or Mars over zero will be experienced as per their karkatwa.

9. Persons having Rahu or Ketu in signs or nakshatra of Saturn or Mars can have respective transit effect as per Serial 8



  1. Both can give benefic results only if their sign and nakshatra lord has more than 12 points in Worksheet.
  2. Rahu and Ketu in their antra will give the result of 4th and 8th houses from their placements.



  1. If a planet gets points from sixth lord, by aspect or being 4:10 relationship, this will not act as Samdharmi
  2. The above power will be only beneficial for first and ninth house and not for all the houses.
  3. Same rule will be applicable if power taken from 12th lord from house B.
  4. If a Samdharmi planet situated in 12th house from B, this will not give a better result in it’s antra.
  5. If Samdharmi planet is situated in primary Upachaya houses like A B or C houses, it will give benefic result.



  1. If Lagna and 7th house lords i.e. Mars and Venus are in 2:12 relation then delayed marriage or divorce is indicated.
  2. The conjunction can also indicate attraction towards opposite sex, an inter caste relationship, marriage etc.



1) Difference between Sun and Venus more then 43 Degrees and aspected by Saturn (one of the luminary must also be under aspect of Saturn)

2) Jupiter as sixth lord in Ascendant with more points

3) Jupiter as sixth lord, aspecting 2nd and 7th lord

4) Sixth lord in 4th house with more points

5) Lord of 1st and 7th house in 2:12 or 6:8 relations

6) Jupiter in Libra sign or Navamasa

7) If Ve is with in 3 degrees from Sun gives no interest in marital relations

8) Venus in Sun’s Nakshatra reduces the quality of Venus.

If at least 2/ 3 combinations are present, marital life is a problem.

Following combinations are powerful to create problem in marital relationship.

9) Venus in Krittica, Aradra, or Mula & Jestha Nakshatra,

10) 7th lord in sixth and under aspect of Sa or Ma

For the event of marriage maximum delay due the aspect of saturn is 27.5 years of native’s age. Minimum delay is 25 years. The delay due to Saturn is related to the degree of the natal saturn in the sign it is situated. Suppose saturn is in the beginning degree of the sign, then it will give full delay. If it is in the last degree, delay will be reduced, means 1 degree of saturn will cause 1 month’s delay. Saturn delay ends when this enters in previous sign from natal position. For detail, refer to KAS dimension reader book.


For other events than marriage, this delay period will be different, and will be based upon the age of the native and ashram. The other events like accumulated wealth, net assets etc, there may be delay up to second ashram , means 52 years (one ashram is 26-28 years) if saturn is situated in twelfth house. This will aspect 2nd, 6th and 9th houses. So this will cause full delay for second house. Thus, a person might accumulate wealth in the end of second ashram due to saturn delay.



If Saturn enters previous sign in a degree of one navamsa and becomes retro, the Saturn delay will be not over. If same Saturn enters previous sign and remains in forward motion till three months, then we can say, Saturn delay is over.


20% delay approximately if Jupiter is in own sign, friend’s sign, and uccha or in mooltrikon sign

  • 15% delay approximately if Jupiter situated in a neutral sign.
  • 10% delay approximately if jupiter is in enemies sign.
  • Jupiter in libra delays up to 20%.

Jupiter delay is calculated after the delay caused by saturn. For child birth, karak is Jupiter, also if there is no denial due to karakansha, mool karakansha or mars-rahu aspects etc ,maximum delay can be up to 11 years after marriage. Jupiter cannot have its sight simultaneously on house A and B. but it can have sight on one house and the lord of another house, or both the lords. Aspect of Jupiter on delay causing planet in rashi or navamansha moderates the delay. If Jupiter is karaka for any event and is lord of sagittarius, if it were to be placed in sagittarius navamansha and then only it is said to be in swa-navamansha and it will not make any negative impact. One important point to remember is that for Jupiter delay, only sight of jupiter is considered and not it’s bindus.



  1. Jupiter in nakshatra of Saturn
  2.  Jupiter in navamsa of Saturn
  3.  Jupiter in sign of Saturn
  4.  Jupiter in Libra


The marriage is mainly based on mutual attraction, physical fitness, mental quality, heredity, sexual compatibility, and social and economical status. The lagna or the ascendant governs the physical fitness, the Moon rules the emotional mind and the mental quality, and the Sun governs the spirit and the status. Hence the observation of these three is very necessary, the lagna, the Sun and the Moon. The relationship between the lord of the lagna and the lords of the house in which the Moon and the Sun are situated. This also shows the quality of married life.


  • 5:9 House combination – 30 pts (GOOD)
  • 3:11 House Combination – 20 pts (GOOD)
  • 4:10 House Combination – 10 pts (MODERATE)
  • 1:7 House combination – 10 pts (Hidden respect for each other)
  • 2:12 House Combination – 5 pts (TOLERABLE)
  • 6:8 House Combination – 0 pts (DISPUTES)
  • If planets are in one sign, then check their degrees. If they are closer than 15 degrees, then consider them as a 4:10 combination and assign them 10 points. If the planets are more than 15 degrees apart, consider them as a 2:12 then 5 points accordingly.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

✔  After adding up total points: ABOVE 50 – Good, happy and harmonious married life.

✔   Below 50 – Indicator of many disputes and differences of opinions in the marriage.

✔  Anything totaling 0 – 20 points is a reason for a delayed marriage.



The moon represents the mind, karaka of ninth house. Any aspect, conjunction with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu could lead to disturbance of the mind. The nature of disturbance can vary depending on whether Rahu (bipolar affects), Ketu (depressive affects), or Saturn (means anxieties, distraction, vairagya or loneliness etc) affecting it. If Moon is in swa-ansha and conjunction or in aspect of benefic planets, then mind will work in right direction. A person will take right decision on right time.

The degree, type and placement of planet affecting the Moon holds the key in understanding the mental problem. The Moon effected by Rahu in rashi chart and  in navamasa, spoils the concentration, and make the nature of the native somewhat eccentric. When Rahu and Moon difference is more then 15 degrees, the person dreams impractical things, thinking he is always right in every aspect. Positive Moon indicate enthusiasm, joy and peace of mind in life. Afflicted Moon causes depression, tensions and pessimistic attitude.


Eighth house is for longevity and third house is house of life. Karka for eighth house is third house. This house is also house of mother. If Lagna lord is situated in third house, we can say a person has blessings of his mother or “Maa Ka Laadla” 

The power of mother’s blessings can also ascertain the longevity of any person. Moon is Karaka for ninth house and we see length of life from this, in which Nakshatra Moon falls in. Third house for mother and natural third house lord is Mercury, So Moon is in Mercury Nakshatra can give long life to a person.

Father’s, Guru blessings can wipe out many difficulties in a persons life and let the person live his life smoothly where as mother’s blessings can give long life. So a person having blessings both of his father and mother can have problem free, smooth & successful (10th house) long life.



The Rashi and the navamsa charts are having equal status. The points in Rasi and Navamsa charts for ascendant counts much for the nature of the person. there is slight difference. If in ascendant of Rasi chart, points are more the person directly opposes and shows his view with out any hesitation. If points in Rasi chart points in ascendant is less and in Navamsa chart more points, indicates the person seems to be mild in behavior, will not show his opposition directly, but will take the final decision on his own.


  • Sixth lord of the chart can not give benefic result. Similarly the lord of 12th house from house B can not give benefic result for house B.
  • If moon is in scorpio in Jyeshta (lord Me), person is emotionally more rigid.
  • Moon in 12th house, enhances the effect of delayed marriage.
  • Only Venus can give a zero point in the 10th house, but in such cases, it is mostly spoiled.
  • If Ve and Ma are in same sign and are with Sa. Quality of Ve is enhanced.
  • If second lord is in 9th house, that can reduce marital happiness. if RK is powerful then it will reduce the effect.
  • Jupiter is sixth lord for cancer and libra lagna. Cancer is it’s uccha rashi. So sixth lord in cancer lagna with more points will increase the personal status of the person. He becomes respectful in public.
  • In cancer Lagna, if Jupiter is in lagna and with more points, then and then it indicates mahapurush yoga. For Cancer lagna, jupiter becomes lord of E for first house as B, so the result is enhanced, only if with more points.
  • Sixth lord in second house with more points, person may not have sufficient wealth, but rarely face any shortage in life, He will be named among wealthy person in the society.
  • When the kendra lord of 10th house is in second house, means this is a trine to 10th house, is a dhan yoga. The meaning of this is taken as parivartan between kendra and trine place. The parivaratan yoga between 10th and 2nd lord is more powerful dhan yog.
  • The multiplication factor, is only for the house planet is situated. It should not be considered for it’s sight.
  • The multiplication factor is the basic power or authority of the planet in a particular sign.
  • If MF is less than 1, means you have to put more efforts, an event might be delayed.
  • Assume, Jupiter in libra. MF is 0.5 means it can use it’s power 50% for the house it is situated. It can give the result of 3 points only.
  • The house C gives the quality of the result. If any planet is powerful for house B, and for C, considering C as B, then result will give more happiness.
  • Saturn is having it’s sight on moon and sun ( both luminaries) indicate extra sexual attraction, extra venusian qualities.
  • For laziness, saturn is responsible. If it is in the fourth place from lagna lord, it spoils the quality of the person for doing hard work.
  • The moon effected by rahu in rashi chart and in navamansha it is with rahu, spoils the concentration, and make the nature of the native eccentric.
  • When rahu and moon difference is more then 15 degrees, The person dreams impractical things.
  • Mars if afflicted by rahu, reduces the happiness for the houses it is situated and also houses it aspects.
  • Moon with ketu, a person takes hasty decisions. He is rigid and ardent in behaviour
  • Jupiter in libra navamsha reduces qualities of jupiter, regarding respecting parents, guru, and elders.
  • Such jupiter enhances the quality of Venus and person can have extra marital relations.
  • For finding longevity, we should consider 3rd house. In this house, if the all planets are having more points, then we can consider long life.
  • Along with 3rd house we should also consider 8th house. It is in reverse for 8th house.
  • Venus in krittika nakshatra, makes the person more sexy, and fond of sexual activity. This also devoids of marital life, or number of marriages. This becomes more powerful if saturn aspects venus.
  • Any planet opposite to Venus reduces it’s strength.
  • The Jupiter is santati karak means responsible for child birth. If It is in the constellation of saturn and is samdharmi to saturn, there can be delay for the child birth.
  • The points in 3,6,10th and 11th if are in rising order gives first child as female.
  • The Moon constellation for conception and birth remains same.
  • Fourth house is ruled by Moon (in Kaal Purush chart) moon signify the mind of the person, fourth house indicates the memory, intelligence, knowledge of practical things, education sharpness of mind.
  • Raj yog can be effective only when the points in 3,6,10, and 11th house are having good strength. The main result will be as per the points.
  • When points in 9th are less, automatically the person rises on his own efforts. Luck factor may not be favouring him,
  • Moon in Mars sign makes the person more hard worker.
  • More than four sectors of Mars in navamsa, dreshkona and trishanansha can lead to suicidal tendencies, if Moon is in Mars sign and Ketu nakshatra                                      



Houses For A Specific Event
How to choose a planet among two samdharmi
For a samdharmi planet, we do not consider the aspect.  If there are more than one planet which are samdharmi, then we should select the planet which is not aspecting house A, B or C. Select the planet which is pure.
Passing a special examination
To look for the houses while passing any special examination, which gives some status to the person, take 5th house for degree, along with 6th and 10th house should be considered. For post graduation ninth house should be considered.
We select 7th house for accident, and 6th for health. For finding the event of accident, we use 7th house. This house and 2nd house are also referred as Markesh. Markesh means Mar +ish, Mar= slaughter, kill. Ish is lord. 2nd house is karak for 7th. So 7th house is taken for accident. Now, taking a scenario, where a planet has less than 12 points for 7th and 8th houses and more points in 6th house in worksheet, this means a person will recover after accident.
Living in Abroad
Planets having less points in 12th house as B and also the functional karaka weak (Lord of A), a person resides in foreign land or away from parents and family. Less points in 12th means person have to live away from his loved ones. More points in 12th along with 11th, 2nd, 10th may have a meaning, that the person is living away on his OWN, and for better prospects. Less points in 12th means away from mother land, imprisonment.
Vidya Versus Gyaan
Vidya means knowledge. We take 5th house for this. Karaka for 5th house is 12th house. In kaal pursha chart, Jupiter is karaka for 5th house whereas 2nd house is considered for Gyaan. The karaka for 2nd house is again Jupiter. So, there is a difference between both Jupiters. Pisces sign is karaka for 5th house. A teacher gets salary or tuition fee for teaching and one gets certificate for knowledge whereas Sagittarius lord Jupiter shares Gyaan (2nd house) and demands nothing. Here guru dakshina is optional for shishya. So there is a difference of two roles of Jupiter.





The Moon constellation for conception and birth remains same. Suppose if at the time of conception, moon in Ashwini(constellation) The after 10 circles of moon i.e. 272.5 days again it is in the same constellation. This should be counted from the date of conception. So counting in reverse way give the date of conception. This is generally in ideal case. Some times if the female gets some fever, it may change by few days.



In male chart, if 5th house or it’s lord is afflicted by Mars and Rahu it may lead to abortion, scissoring, mentally retarded child. In Female chart if Mars afflicts 11th house/lord, similar result is noted. In addition to this presence of Mars and afflicted by Rahu in 2nd house also indicates similar result.



Ninth house in Male chart also indicates grandchildren. It also indicates ‘Gotra’, ‘Kul’ or ‘Vansh’ of the person. (a race, dynasty, family) If there is zero point due to any planet, means discontinuity or obstruction in expansion of the race. This alone can not give the result of being child less. For confirmation, we should also refer points in 5th house. If 8th house is having some trouble, it may give such result. This is not applicable in female chart.




Subjectively, the first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses are called Kendra houses. Second house to these Kendrasthan is called Panfar houses. So 2nd, 5th,8th and 11th houses are called Panfar houses. Similarly 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th houses are called Apoklim houses. That is, 4 Kendra houses, 4 Panfara houses, and 4 Apoklima houses.

  • Kendra Bhavas (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th houses)
  • Panfar  Bhavas (2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th houses)
  • Apoklim Bhavas (3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th houses)



Panfarsthan are the wealth of the Kendrasthan. 2nd is wealth of 1st house, 5th is wealth of 4th house (degree of education), 8th is wealth of 7th house ( wealth of spouse) and 11th is wealth of 10 house (return of the work). If the points in all these houses are below 28 in Worksheet, and points in 12th are more then in 11th house, person may not save money in life.