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Welcome to Basic Astrology Course

After learning the basics of astrology, if you are still interested and want to learn the predictive principles, the finer points of astrology, you are welcome to this page. Chapter by chapter you can learn the principles of this predictive system, given by the guru krushna ji. This system is definitely unique in its approach, concept, content, delivery and presentation to fulfill the basic human psychology to know more and more about its future in a dedicated and descriptive manner.

Generally, most of the people are interested in astrology and want to learn this ancient science. But the most difficult question they face is – where to start learning from ? A student could become an expert in predictive subjects at the end of the BASIC COURSE and can practice it as a profession or as a hobby to please a layman with surprising results. Learning astrological predictions are easy if you have patience and want to work and practice it. You need to give your valuable time, For experience you need to see more and more horoscopes to build your confidence level.  To learn sincerely, you need a good teacher who can guide you througout whole learning process.

So if you are ready to take first step – Join basic online astrology course.


Anybody who wants to learn this system can join these courses. These will be scheduled in the manner of three phases. Interaction of direct or indirect (pictures & audio) lectures will be given access on my website through youtube. Once enrolment is activated, the schedule of the session will be intimated instantly. VIDEO SERIES for advance course will be containing detailed analysis of various important charts. The explanation of frequent queries can be posed on whatsapp, emails or via text messages. or visiting personally. All the videos will be private and shared exclusively to the learners from time to time.

The structure and duration is as below.

1. Intro Astrology                          Free (discuss courses info during your visit)

2. Basic Course (Level-1)          –   Rs 5100 ( Free life time tutorial support )

3. Advance Course (Level-2)     –   Rs 14500  (Private Videos Access & Regular Live Support Afterwards)

* Free give away offer while availing basic course.  


• This system is only for teaching purpose and not intended for knowing slowdowns, rises in stock market etc.

• Four months live support will be granted after finishing a course using any prefered communication mode.

• No personal chart will be entertained for the sake of study or interpretation during live support.

•  Those who want to join these courses are advised to buy guru ji’s KAS DIMENSION book by clicking the following link



Why study here

• You choose how you want to study each level through a latest recorded session. • We have a pre-pay system so you can pay for only single video to take a break. • I shall offer you suggestions, advice and support your learning throughout your studies. • Our thorough training enables you to develop confidence in your astrology if/when you work with others. • Learn from the comfort of home at your own pace. Those who want to join any course can go to contact me page and enroll for the same by filling the requisite informarion.Any individual is eligible who want to learn KRUSHNS’A ASHTAKAVARGA SYSTEM sincerely. On-demand questionnaire will be taken up after completion of these courses.

Procedure to register

1.Apply for registration using CONTACT ME page.You will get an acknowledgement on your mail.

2.Pay the enrollment fee as per course by clicking here.

3. You will get registration number along with complete schedule of the course.