Online Interactive Course - KAS Astrology

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Online Interactive Course - KAS Astrology

Astrology has emerged as one of the career options for those who are interested in becoming a successful astrologer. Learn through Online Interactive Course – KAS Astrology

Online Interactive Course - KAS Astrology

Course Curriculum for Astrology

The curriculum is designed in a way to deliver every detail about the topics related to this field. The curriculum also aims at enhancing the various skills and abilities of individuals to make them best in Astrology.

Students are taught various subjects to give in-depth knowledge so that they can solve real-life situations of people and solve the problems of life. It is designed in a way to provide knowledge of charts, starts, planets and their impact on everyday human life. Students are taught both theoretically and practically throughout the program. Total fifteen sessions will be conducted through skype or zoom. Each session will be held twice a week for sixty minutes.

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Online Interactive Course - KAS Astrology


Online Interactive  Course

 KAS Astrology

Astrology course can be pursued through program associated with Ashtakavarga System of prediction. This covers topics like fundamentals of basic & advance astrology, touching different aspects related to at different levels.

Required Skillset

Basic Knowledge of Astrology – To do the best in the field and grab the best opportunities, it is beneficial to have prior knowledge about astrology. Basic knowledge of topics such as planets, houses, aspects, sense of signs, stars, and zodiac are important in this field.

Good Mathematical Skills – The study of astrology involves several calculations and use of mathematics, especially in the job of Numerologist and Vedic Mathematician. Candidates should be able to solve calculations and find solutions to the problems.

Good Communication & Interpersonal Skills – As the jobs in this field mainly deal with communicating with people, professionals in this field should be people's person. Good communication and interpersonal skills are the most important skills as they play a major role in boosting opportunities.

Other Skills – Skills such as a sense of responsibility, good counselling skill, integrity, and empathy plays a major role in this field.

As of today, the science and knowledge of astrology still remains incomplete. This is largely due to a misinterpretation of the writings of our ancient sages because of language barriers and the inability to correctly translate the inner essence of their teachings. Most of these ancient wisdom and invaluable works have been lost over a time period. Translations of the verses, interpreted by individuals, may not be correct or may be colored by personal opinions.

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From the Basics to the Finer Details

Online Interactive Course - KAS Astrology

Signs, Houses and Planets govern various areas of life. Students will get good insights about them. Gain a solid foundation in the fundamentals of astrology to unlock understanding of this great knowledge. After completing the course, one is capable of predictive skills on the finer level. 

Even those students, who are looking with different schools and unique practices to enter the research field can opt for this online interactive course.

Online Interactive Course - KAS Astrology

100% Virtual

You can join this course to clear the concepts of astrology communicating through your convenient place.

KAS Astrology

Complete Guidance

Learn a practical way to understand the root concepts of reading birth charts. Special and useful tips assured.

Online Interactive Course

Test & Quizzes

I may pose you few of the charts from my personal library  I shall explain the technique & approach to solve.

Online Interactive Course - KAS Astrology

Learning Hours

The timing can be flexible. I prefer to dedicate time frame of 90 minutes twice a week.

Online Interactive Course - KAS Astrology

Chapter 1

This course is specially designed for beginners as they are going to explore and learn the inception of astrology and the purpose behind it all. A guided way to organize anybody’s life.

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    Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moments. You just plant a few seeds, cultivate the shoots, and watch. It takes only your time and dedication. You can do if you are prepared. Come and join to learn in simple way.

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    Software Consultant

    “Perfection Went Above”

    Your guidance made saved my months. I completed my astrology course earlier in the year 2021. Predicted few charts accurately on this basis.

    online Interactive course


    Professional Astrologer

    “Learn Efficiently

    As a long-time student, I can unequivocally vouch this astrology course. A true jewel to this astrology world and I feel very honoured to have you as my teacher.

    Interactive course


    Academy Student

    “So Easy…”

    I took Level I and Level II classes and really enjoyed them. Course cover the most common topics of Vedic astrology. Very efficient in teaching.


    A practical approach in learning process will help you to grasp the astrology rules quickly.


    Today, astrology is considered the science of stars, planets. Incline to learn and practice it.

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    It is a specialized field of knowledge but very few are considered to be experts in it. 

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