i m i n g  O f  E v e n t


Astrology is not fortune telling. It is based on scientific calculations of the different aspects of planetary placements in certain constellations at a particular moment of time. People who are born in this world at any moment of time, have certain characteristics, which are related to the positions of the heavenly bodies at that moment in time. These characteristics are different from those people born at other times, due to different planetary positions at their birth time. The horoscope is a chart where the time is frozen at the individual’s birth time and planets are indicated as fixed in certain degrees in different houses. For this reason a horoscope is also referred to as a birth chart or natal chart.  From such a horoscope, one can determine the birth time, birth date and even birthplace as well, by using reverse calculations.

However, it should be noted that as soon as a child is born, his environment begins to modify his character. Mostly the upbringing and education moulds the personality of all individuals. We all develop certain qualities which could either be positive, negative or mixed, based on our environment.  Thus, selfishness may emerge as unselfishness, kindness may become cruelty and a constructive person may, through frustration, become destructive and so on. The apparent character depends upon so many variables such as the individual’s country, the area, the surroundings, his or her family and their customs, the mother and her education, the food they eat,  the teachers and of course, last but not least the friends’ circle.

The latent characteristics, with which we were born with, can become something ‘superficially’ different due to factors, such as the environment, or a good or bad upbringing which can act in contradiction with the astrological descriptions of the character, but the true character will still be buried deep beneath these essentially ‘superficial’ traits.

Life is a very complex thing many influencing factors are taking part during the course of a persons life. About 70 – 80 % charts are accurate and can be read for predictions by a good astrologer at present, rest is pure chance if getting right somewhere. Marriage is the biggest gamble a person will ever do in his or her life. So it is always advisable to seek through every possible means whether the the married life will be obstacle free and couple are compatible with each other.Following other attributes like,going abroad,education, property,your health,business prospects,using KAS we can get accurate results.