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Astrology is ancient, probably as old as when people first measured time. It is present in some form in all countries and cultures, and always has been. In fact, the majority of the world population uses astrology at the day-to-day level, and not just for entertainment, as we do here.As of today, the science and knowledge of astrology still remains incomplete. This is largely due to a misinterpretation of the writings of our ancient sages because of language barriers and the inability to correctly translate the inner essence of their teachings. Most of such precious ancient wisdom and invaluable works have been lost over a period of time. The later translations of the verses, interpreted by individuals, may not be correct or may be colored by personal opinions.


Krushna’s  Ashtakavarga  System

My studies only revolves around Krushna Ashtakvarga System (KAS) for the simple reason that this system is only scientific and complete texts and teachings in existence  really works amazingly.All other texts and teachings are merely shadows of this system Why play in shadows when we can enjoy the brilliant mind using KAS.

I cannot express how lucky I am to have met Guru Krushna ji, who so generously taught me his immeasurable knowledge of KAS. The whole purpose of this for Krushna ji is to keep the KAS system alive and well and teach it to others who can then pass it on to those in turn who are meant to benefit from it and not have it die with him. I still remember Guru ji’s words that if some one is not sincere for guru or teacher,he or she can learn this system but will not be able to use it.Let me elaborate precisely that Krushana Ashtakavarga System (KAS) is the ancient knowledge which gives precise and pinpoint prediction for any event.While going through KAS basics,one realises and understand the concept behind everything.

I was fortunate to record Guru ji’s video lectures on Skype sitting 2000 kms away in late hours which i uploaded later in the year 2012.

Till now, I found no chart (leaving few exceptions,where birth time was conveyed vaguely) that didn’t show events in line,Isn’t it amazing !! Guru ji always says that no chart has precise birth time so we have to rectify time as per past events for proper prediction.Calculations are purely done taking power of each planet,we say (BAV) Bhinashtakavarga,compiling into Saravashtakavarga (SAV) finally getting strength of each planet  for timing of event.That why, we say KAS is pure scientific and we can not change these values by some other means like Remedies. This system is purely based on scientific method correcting and integrating previous knowledge.


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  • You said i will buy a house in may 2017,looks like it will be in May. Married as predicted in the year 2013. In the year 2011, I was told my court battles will be ongoing till 2017,but i never believed this may stretch so long. Now it is 2017 i am still fighting for the same.You were so right !!

    Radhika Pochampally

    A Scienctist, An Administrator, An Educator at New Orleans, USA

  • As predicted,after July 2018,its getting smoother,clear off my loans and now this looks easier for me to settle for my established business.

    Nofa Obedi

    Business at Personal Company

  • Your prediction is perfect.My financial problems are over now.Its great.


    An entrepreneur at India

  • Its been great experience when you predicted my events rightly and explained me how this system works so amazingly.


    An Entrepreneur at Personal Company,Greece

Learn Krushna’s Ashtakavarga System

In this section you can learn, step by step,the basics of krushana ashtakavarga system.Once you go through these sessions you will know the purpose for which our ancient rishis gave us this great science of prediction.how accurate their knowledge was and how the system operates,to what extent it is applicable and effective.Join ONLINE KAS COURSES to learn ancient astrology.New video released- Click here