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Don’t have your birth chart? Tell us date, time and place of your birth and you’re done.

Vedic Astrology – Krushna Ashtakavarga System

astrologyAreas of life that are important to you, whether that be career, love, family, or spiritual life. Find out how your future will unfold and learn what you can do maximize your true happiness. To schedule an appointment, I’ll need your date and time of birth and city that you were born.

The most accurate birth time comes from your birth certificate if available. We can still run a chart without your birth time. Consultations can be live in person, through Zoom, Skype, email, phone or any other prefered communication mode. Payments can be made after I get your birth information.


Rest Of The World – Buy Detailed Astro Report (in US$)

✔ Detailed Reading With Birth Time Rectification (125$)

✔ Employment, Job and Business Affairs (80$)

✔ Health issues (70$ )

✔ Advise on unhappy marriages or problems emerging in married life (100$)

✔ Auspicious times for marriage and marriage related events (60$)

✔ A typical single prashna/question may take 15 minutes that will cost (40$ )

✔ Online basic astrology course (Free)

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If you are an indian

For persons residing in Indian region, fee starts from Rs.1100 onward. This will be applicable as per nature of report desired by the client. Click the following button for nature of service and fee structure. Online payments are only accepted. No cash payment will be accepted. Pay through online mode. You can also choose other mode of fund transfer as per your convenience.

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  • Specific Single Question  : Rs 1100
  • Career, Job, Business      : Rs 2100
  • Marital Happiness          : Rs2700
  • Basic Astrological Session   : Rs 3100
  • Annual Astrological Session Plus Monthly Report Based On Planet’s Transit Caution (will be sent every month) Rs 11000 (recommended)

You can pay using the following options.

  • Pay by GooglePay, Phonepe on Mobile Number – 9417030834


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People living out of india can use paypal menu option for remitting fee.Select your fee according to your query option. Your card or bank statement will show payment to kascorner.


Talking In Astrological Way

The  mentioned details comes to you in the reading roughly as below.We will also guide you how to understand these planets and effetc of their placements.Thus you can understand the value of our reports.Buying something which you can not understand has no value.So i include basic free package of learning along with these readings.

Your Lagna (Birth Sign)
Your Physical Appearance
Your Mental Tendency
Your Personality and Emotions
About your Rashi Chart (Primary Chart)





About the position of ALL PLANETS  in your horoscope and what are the effects on you. Above all,how to understand the astrological Charts Supplied with the Reading.We will guide.This is very important.

I can offer the FREE reading for only for few people,as it requires a lot of time to prepare a single reading and I need minimum 6-8 days  to complete one.

But this all depends upon free time.

Your Success, Income And Gains

You may not think of yourself as being a statistician—you may not have it written on your business card—but if you’re basing on your TALENT, not on whims, you are already one of the new wav e with us.

We will guide you to decide whether you should go for a Job or business ?

which is better for you?

We will predict your job time.If you are a growing and aspiring businessman,you can get right time to invest for gains,

If you are serious about becoming great at conversion,you should take benefit of our approach. It will be really liberating

Marriage, Relationship

While analyzing a happy married life, we time the marriage period, signifying delay if any. General problems in married life, multiple marriages, relationships etc. When the marriage should not happen, compatibility of both male and female for friendship,etc.

Also we will evaluate ideal conception time for childbirth. For all these things, favorable dasa will be calculated.


Business Forecast

In business, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Now you can arrange your business events with a higher probability of success. Not only a forecast for the best times to do business, it provides the best times to start a business or a partnership. Start your business right; run your business better.