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Schedule an appointment to know all about your future. This is cheaper, time saving and easier. Else leave a message to know you’re interested.

Accurate Analysis

You can trust  for thousands clients which are endorsing accuracy for their charts analysis, holding the key to their success and unique life path.

Order Premium Reading

Your drive to succeed could be admired by your family, friends and at work place. Making them happier and you will be never disappointed for sure.


Name change is suggested for people who face a lot of struggles, losses in business, failed marriages, failure in career and other problems. 

Learn how to get involved

Areas of life that are important to you, whether that be career, love, family, or spiritual life. Find out how your future will unfold and learn what you can do maximize your true happiness. To schedule an appointment, I’ll need your date and time of birth and city that you were born. Consultations can be live in person, through Zoom, Skype, email, phone or any other prefered communication mode.


Have a question? You can reach out to us anytime, 24/7, via email or phone call. A single question will cost Rs3000 for a 25-minute consultation.

Career, Job or Business

For just Rs5000, a basic career consultation can provide you with valuable insights to help you pave the way for a brighter future.

Marital Problems

Are you experiencing marital problems? Our consultation service is available for Rs6500. Know if there is a delay, denial  and timing of marriage

Consultation Charges

If You’re An Indian

If you live in India, the fees for our services start at Rs 3000. The cost will vary depending on the type of report you want. You can select the service and fee structure that best suits your needs. Please note that we only accept online payments, so no cash payments will be accepted. Be sure to pay online when you book any of selected service.

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Consultations can be live in person, through Zoom, Skype, email, phone or any other prefered communication mode. Payments can be made through PayPal or any other prefered payment mode.


Detailed Reading - 600$


Job and Business Affairs - 125$


Marital Problems - 150$


Numerology Name Correction- 90$



A Ten-Minute Paid Chat Session 




I am offering a chat session everyday to address your important question astrologically. With my expertise and experience, I aim to provide valuable insights and guidance during our 10-minutes interaction. By charging nominal fees for this service, i ensure that your time and investment are respected while guaranteeing quality advice tailored to your specific needs. Trust that our conversation will be confidential and dedicated.

People living out of india can use paypal menu option for remitting fee. Select your fee according to your query option. Your card or bank statement will show payment to kascorner.


The details comes to you in the reading roughly as below.We will also guide you how to understand these planets and effetc of their placements. You can understand the value of such reports. Buying something which you can not understand has no value.

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