Birth Time Rectification

Calculate Birth Nakshatra

Insert birth hours, minutes & seconds - The difference between birth time and Sun rise time. This is important.

*Example - If birth time is 13.17pm and Sun rise time on that day is 6am at place of birth, then birth hours will be 7 and minutes will be 17 to be filled as values.
Calculate n


*Ignorning quotient, note the remainder value & count number of Nakshatra from Ashwani, Makha and Moola



Birth Time hours are 12 and Birth Time Minutes are 4, therefore you get result after calculations as 804.4, ignoring quotient (804), taking remainder as 4, so count 4th Nakshatra from Magha Nakshatra which is Hasta nakshatra in Virgo sign. Therefore birth Nakshtra or Moon star will be Hasta.

If you are getting different Nakshatra in your chart, then your chart needs rectification. In this case, adjust the remainder in such a way to align with the nearest or calculated Janama Nakshatra and rectify the time of birth accordingly. Later, you can adjust difference in original birth time. Do not forget to match maximum past events with calculated Nakshtra.



Taking previous example, birth time is 20 hours 40 minutes, we get value 1377.77 after calculation. Therefore, seventh Nakshatra from Ashwani or Makha is Punarvasu or Visakha Nakshtra which are in Leo or Libra sign.

As the person is having Moon in Leo of Makha Nakshatra, 7th Nakshatra is quite away . So adjusting birth time to 20hrs 34 minutes, we get value 1371.11 which looks fine. Ignoring quotient 1371, we get value 1 i.e first Nakshtra – Makha. Therefore birth/Janam Nakshtra will be Makha Nakshtra and rectify birth time accordingly subtracting 6 minutes.